23➡33 days

It hit me today,I’m not sure why exactly today but I looked on my countdown and it said 23 days til visit from my family. Not gonna lie, I thought wtf, how did these days go by so fast!?! I’ve had a countdown since it said over 100 days and know it’s almost over… It almost doesn’t go a day without someone asking when I leave or if I’m excited to go home. I’m not sure what they are expecting me to say, yes I am excited, but how am I going to leave this life I’ve built for the past 9 months? I am almost sure it’s going to be harder leaving now than it was leaving my home 9 months ago, because the difference between then and know is that nine months ago I knew I would see my family in just 10 months. But now I leave in 33 days and I don’t know when or if I will ever see all my friends again. I have to cherish every moment I have left and make the most out of it someone once told me.






























250 days

I`m sitting here with this strange feeling where I know I have barely two months let of my stay and I can’t quite understand that I`m going back to Norway. I`m lucky enough that my family is coming to visit me at the end of my year and I`m really excited. But then I think that I`m actually not going to stay here anymore. How am I going to go back to my life I`ve been living for 16 years, but for the past 8 months I`ve build a brand new life where I have met some of the greatest people I know. How is it possible to return to a place where nothing have changed and is still the same as when I left, but no one will ever understand how my year was and how I have changed during this time. I am never going back to that girl I used to be, that was a person I though I was happy as, and I probably were then, but know with everything I have experienced, it would be impossible to return as the same girl I were when I left..

I have finally understood what it means to find yourself and be happy as the person you are. I have been here for an incredible 250 days and in only 54 frightening and exciting days I wil see my family again. I know this time will ly by and I will enjoy evey moment and live for every day!

2015 is almost over

Wow, I don’t even know where to start. This year have changed me and so much have happened. I made one of the most important decisions of my life, I moved to the United States and it will have an impact on my life forever. I traveled across the world to a place where I was all by myself with people I had never met before. Tomorrow I have been here for 5 months and it is unbelievable to say that I’m half way through my year here. Time has gone by so fast, but also so slow. I’ve experienced things I never knew I would when I left my home. Things I wasn’t prepared for, but handled in ways I felt was right. It’s hard to deal with things you know you can’t control, but you have to do it. I’m learning to know myself and I’ve grown so much in these months and I can’t wait for the next 5 months and what I will experience, everyday is new and different.
I’m becoming a new me, a better me

The days before depature

I thought I would share my experience of the day of the departure and the days before. I don’t think I really realised that I was going to leave my home for 10 months before I was actually sitting in the car on my way to oslo the day before I was going to leave. I started to pack probably two weeks before I was leaving, but my suitcase was just sitting there, with a few cloths in it. I couldn’t get it in my head that I was leaving and as the person I am I procrastinate everything until the last minute. This was not an exception and three days before I was leaving my sister had to do something about it and started helping me pack my suitcase. She saw what I couldn’t. I had known that I was going to leave for so long and I guess I didn’t want to realise that I was leaving in just a couple of days and even if I ignored the fact that I was leaving, it didn’t change the situation. I especially remember one day I was sitting and eating with my sister and I got all choked up with tears and I needed someone to hold me tight in their arms. And that was just what she did, sitting there with me and telling me about all the things I had to look forward to, even though she knew exactly what I was going through. Without my sister i don`t think neither my suitcase or me would have been ready to board a plane.

I was living in denial, but when I walked towards the car and out of the doors of my home for the last time in 10 months, I suddenly understood what was happening and yet one more time i bursted out in tears while we drove away from our house, headed to Oslo. It was weird knowing that this was the last full day I had with my family and I knew my brother was coming over to my sisters apartment when we arrived. That meant I had to say goodbye to not only him, but also my dog, so he didnt have to come with us to the airport the next day. I had a lovely day, but I knew that the night would come to an end and he had to leave. I tried to be brave, without success and after he left I layed with my mom and my sister in the couch, hugging each other and watching some tv. I didn`t want to go to bed. That meant when I woke up again I would have to leave. Was I ready?

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Is Norway in New York??

Sometimes I wonder where all these questions come from, I keep answering them but do I think about if that is how I really feel. One question people often ask me don`t I miss my parents?The most common answer is “sometimes”, but when I think about it, of course i miss my parents, they live on the other side of the atlantic ocean exactly 5100,8 miles (8209km) away from me. It is hard to believe that they are so far away, I can`t quite belive it and it really is true the saying, together forever and never apart maybe in distance but never in heart.



What I have learned while I`ve been living here is that americans know very little of countries outside of America. Sometimes it feels like we come from a different planet, with all these weird questions we get asked as exchange students. Some of them are like; do everybody in Europe speak the same language, do you speak the language from where you are from?, Is Norway in New York?Is Arendal (Arendelle from frozen) an actual place, it exists? Haha, sometimes I answer seriously and other times I just answer the most sarcastic thing I can think of, and the best part? They believe every word we say

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Two months!! (+ a couple of weeks 😂)

Hi guys, it`s been a long time, but to be honest, I forget that I have a blog that I`m suppost to update. Haha, I can`t believe that I have only been here for two months, it feels like forever and I have experienced so much since I got here. I feel like a family member and it is no longer weird to be in a strangers house, their are not strangers anymore, they are my family ❤ I am no longer a guest in their house, they have opened their house to be mine too. I am so grateful for those amazing people I now can call family, I never think about how far away I am from my home, I feel like I have to add in Norway; because where I am now in my bedroom, in this house I am so lucky to call my home.

I don’t think I will ever be able to express how much I enjoy being her and how much I love the people I am with everyday. I have a mom, a dad, and a cutie of a littlesister (who sometimes (read most of the time) is a handful). not only do I have these awesome people, I also have grandparents who I love spending time with. I now live in a much bigger family than I have ever been used to and I love it, everyone is so welcoming and they treat me like I’m their own ❤

I have learned so much about myself in the short time I have been here, I can handle more than I thought I would and I have had to learn how to be a good bigsister and rolemodel for a six year old who picks up everything that is being said. It is funny how she tries to blaim me if she has done something or said something bad. I guess what I am trying to say is that I AM HAPPY and I love my family.


Clowns at the circus

Yes, it has been moments where things have happened in our family that has been tough on me, on all of us, things I didn’t expect to experience this early in my year. That is a part of life, things happen unexpected and we have to deal with it whether we want or not. I have expereinced how I can make a different just by being myself and being there when I am needed. I’m truly grateful for how lucky I have been with my hostfamily and that they include me in their life.

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A couple of weeks ago we went to Disneyland, it was an early celebration for Kylers 6th birthday! We had lots of fun and got to see many princesses and other disney characters. We spent the first day in California Adventures and the second day in Disneyland. We took rides and some roller coasters, even the ones I never thought I would take and it wasn`t as bad as it looked! Anyway, both nights we watched lightshows and parades. The electrical parade must have been my favorite and seeing Kyler dancing to the music when all the floats passed us was unforgettable. It was so fun and everybody was feeling like a child again and had so much fun!! That`s a short summary from our trip, maybe I`ll write more another time, here are som pictures from our days in Disneyland, California 🙂 Enjoy!!


In front of a jungle resturant!


Goofy 🙂


We met Nemo at a disney parade


My first corndog 😉


The ferris wheel at night


Walt Disney lightshow


Disneyland 60 years!


Cinderella and me


The frozen float at the electrical parade. Kyler was in heaven as you can see her waiving at Elsa and Anna 🙂